About Us

Soul-Centered Readings

I use tarot as a genderless, universal, pure, intuitive communication tool. Connecting deeply with what’s in highest  and best for all - My guides speak to me through Source Energy, Goddess,  The Divine - to support, connect and guide you through the only truth that matters- the truth of the now. Connecting deeply into the current  energies of your ‘now being’ - the tarot can offer beautiful medicine no  matter what stage, phase or contraction you might be moving through. 

Get Answers & Align with Your Purpose

Together we uncover the  energy behind your questions & what’s really going on for you so  that you can move forward in a way that is aligned & purposeful FOR  YOU! You are the creator of your own reality. I am simply here (humbly  and honoured) as the conduit between you and your Higher Self to deliver the messages you may or may not be present to or able to tap into.

Supporting Each Other

I will be offering sessions by donations!

I would be honored to read for you. Every master must first  be an apprentice. Oceans of love and gratitude in advance for supporting  me through my journey as well.

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