Meet Natasha


Welcome Sweet Souls!

First and foremost, I’d like to take a moment and acknowledge you– Thank YOU for listening to, and honoring your inner seeker! I bow to you– in deep gratitude and acknowledgement. Our world has never been more in need of courageous, leading edge soul seekers such as yourself! Your openness and willingness to participate in the positive expansion of our collective is absolutely humbling and powerful beyond measure.

Thank you for gifting yourself this sacred exchange and finding your way here. It is in the allowing and receiving for ourselves that we light and uplift the way for others. 

A "little" about me and how I got here...

Well... my name is Natasha (Tash/Tasha) and I am a deeply compassionate, high sensing, intuitive soul and empath on my own Soul’s Gold journey. 

A natural seeker myself, energetic sponge and deep-seated observer I began my soul work from an early age. Unbeknownst to me, what were “my gifts” felt like heavy burdens most of my life-making me feel different and “too sensitive” when all I wanted was to “fit in”. Pressure, expectation- to conform to society and fit the mold as we are all so judgmentally encouraged to do. As a highly sensitive person, empath, and clair-sensing –suppressing this part of me paved a harsh and painful reality. Trying to find my place in the world I grew into a well rehearsed People Pleaser, and victim to multiple forms of abuse. My deep intuitive abilities provided great insight on how to contort myself into whatever others needed so that their egos could be fed. I gave myself away at every turn, thinking this was the way to a more loving and happier world. Sadly, it was never enough. 

I pushed myself harder, chasing perfection, just to eventually feel even more anguish. I had completely lost my way. The world  chewing me up and spitting me out. Despite my best efforts to be what felt natural to me– a kind, gentle, loving soul, I struggled to find my footing. I would hear an inner whisper that I would curl into from time to time and seek solace in and temporary relief from all the chaos- I would turn to my mother’s oracle cards for guidance and a way to anchor myself amidst the noise– my own personal refuge amid the harsh outer realities. Not fully understanding my gifts I pushed through life and allowed it to toss me around.

A nervous system breakdown in my early twenties had me completely disabled and defeated– with the weight of multiple heartbreaks (romantic and otherwise) the heaviness, sadness, pain and suffering- my own and of others, totally broke me down.

A powerful and transformative Women’s Weekend I attended in 2012 was the catalyst that shifted my path forever– a critical journey to radical self care, acceptance and love, a complete re-parenting of the little girl inside me, the uncomfortable unraveling and healing of multiple traumas (from this life and, what I latter came to learn, past lives too). Insight, clarity and permission to reclaim lost parts of myself would have me walking my own path of the “wounded healer.” This all, in a nutshell, leads me here, to who I am today.

A vibrant, healthy survivor of multiple forms of abuse. A bad ass boundary holder, recovering people pleaser and perfectionist, liver of PTSD, anxiety and chaos addiction attachment– I am now a teacher, mentor and volunteer to a powerful woman’s circle, reclaimed lightworker, healer, clairaudient, claircognizant and clairsentient. I am a Spirituality Awakened Life Coach & Leader in training and host of Intuitive Soul Sessions, Readings & Creator of Souls Gold. 

I don’t have super powers, I have just learned how to find my own way through the dark, picked up a few skills and tools along the way with the help of many and might be able to walk alongside you, pass along some light to illuminate, nourish, soothe your soul and lift you while you walk your own path. It is my purpose, passion and commitment, to help ease the mental and emotional suffering of others, to uplift, empower, and inspire as many as I can and to raise the collective consciousness to support our soul’s highest evolution. 

To share my guides, gifts and talents to support you through whatever it is you are moving through, in highest and best FOR YOU, bringing you into more alignment with your own journey so you can move forward with ease. 

Welcome to your own Soul’s Gold journey! I look forward to excavating with you to uncover the gold inside your own soul so we can set it on fire!